colin goedecke, "the floating poet," in the aegean

colin goedecke, "the floating poet," in the aegean

poet laureateships give organizations an opportunity to bring an inspiring

poetic dimension to their people & worlds


serving and open to serving as a poet laureate

for enlightened private and public organizations,

businesses, philanthropies, philanthropists and others


contributing a welcome poetic voice and essence

to their worlds; to their stakeholders, audiences,

circles of interest


that touch people's senses and spirits, engage

their emotions and imaginations, evoke their

humanity ... and expand their feelings of possibility


a novel opportunity to enhance image and presence,

with original written, spoken and visual poetry. artfully

powerful content few have (so far) thought of commissioning

and using to engage differently through


ongoingly, and around special events, campaigns, 

conferences, community and cultural sponsorings,



colin is currently poet laureate of The Truce Foundation

of the United States, that honors and promotes the spirit

of the ancient Olympic truce; most recently contributing

the poetorial, "Peace-ability," to the 2018 Winter Olympics.

this is an ode to that spirit, an "anthem poem"

dedicated to the Foundation ...


The Times of Truce


When the blowing

winds cease.

When the swelling

seas settle down.

When the earth

enters a still point

near dawn,

near dusk.

Or the night skies

grow silent

with stars.

Whenever the world

of Nature

makes peace

with itself.

And Man

mirrors that

peace in himself;

gives free leave

to his fellow man.

These are the times

when rare and

graceful plumes of truce,

deep spirits of unity,


can be found and

greatly felt,

by everything living.

Be remembered and


by everyone,

young to old,



Colin Goedecke



The Times of Truce, a two-minute meditation on inner and outer peacefulness, in spoken words, music & imagery. Which premiered at the PyeongChang Forum for the Earth & Its Citizens, in Seoul, South Korea, February 2018