poetorialist, a creator | curator | alchemizer of inspiring poetic experiences, content & possibilities

worlds within worlds © colin goedecke

worlds within worlds © colin goedecke

together we enter experiences

of deeper presence, aliveness,

wholeness; of opening in,

opening out



this is a wellspring


~ for those who want to breathe soulfulness, wholefulness

into an organizational culture, workplace, community, circle of interest.

To engage and inspire people’s hearts, minds and spirits; deepen their consciousness,

connectedness, sense of well being

~ for those who want to make an elevating cultural contribution to a global or other leading event

or cause, beyond the usual institutional, financial or rhetorical support

~ for those who want to reveal the essence of a place, theme or chosen subject to an audience;

in poetic ways unlike all other, familiar forms of editorial content


~ for those who want the benefit of a wholehearted, soul-rooted poet to collaborate with; to infuse a production,

a project, a retreat in resonant (written) word, imagery or voice; or to curate an experience that’s immersive,

meaningful and memorable


for leaders who’d welcome a more creative antidote to the stress, overwhelm and disconnectedness

some of those they lead are experiencing, that affects everything from their peace of mind to their performance

to the quality of their relationships with colleagues, friends and family


for patrons keen to support the spirit-nurturing contributions of a passionate, multiversed poet,

by providing an artist-residency on their property or elsewhere, or sponsoring a project related to their

philanthropic activities or other interests


& for anyone eager to open to the poetic intimacy and vibrancy of their inner & outer lives