swaying with the antillean wind, bonaire © colin goedecke

swaying with the antillean wind, bonaire © colin goedecke

poetorials are bodies & alchemies of written, spoken & visual poetry


commissioned works that illuminate the essence of a chosen theme.

Related to culture, Nature, an event, a place, an idea or issue, or

other chosen subjects


themed poetry that greatly awakens and engages the outer

and inner senses; kindles the imagination; raises

consciousness, resonates with aliveness


constellations of impression, expression and inspiration people

can readily enter, experience, relate to ~ and share


a way to help people connect more deeply, fully ~ and meaningfully

to themselves, to each other, and the world around them;

especially the natural world; to joy, peacefulness,

expansiveness; welcome feeling states


all composed, curated and choreographed by colin as Poetorialist,

for varied audiences, settings and atmospheres, from live

and recorded performances and broadcasts, to global events, private

retreats and immersive experiences, to print and online publications


here are tastes of some previous poetorials, including Ultramarine,

for the 2017 America's Cup, Berliner-Luft, a love song for the City of Berlin, 

Moving Over Millennia, for the ancient Aegean Island of Kea, in the Cyclades...

and Peace-ability, for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. Others,

on the horizon, include a commission for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games

in Tokyo…