swaying with the antillean wind, bonaire © colin goedecke

swaying with the antillean wind, bonaire © colin goedecke

poetorials are experiential openings, expressed & felt through an alchemy of written, spoken & visual poetry


immediate, immersive experiences, that awaken and engage the outer

and inner senses; kindle the imagination; incite a passion

for the possible


bodies of expression and discovery people can readily enter and share


an alchemy of poetic arts that inspire those who encounter it to see,

think, feel more deeply, more meaningfully


all composed, curated and choreographed by colin as Poetorialist,

for varied audiences, settings and atmospheres, from live

and recorded performances and broadcasts, to global events,

exhibitions and festivals, to print and online publications


poetorializing places, nature, culture and other engaging subjects,

in luminous ways, adventurous ways. From those commissioned

to those self-generated


following here are tastes of some recent and convergent poetorials,

the latter including Ultramarine, for the 2017 America's Cup, Berliner-Luft

a love song for the City of Berlin, Moving Over Millennia, for the ancient

Aegean Island of Kea, in the Cyclades...and Peace-ability, for the PyeongChang

2018 Winter Olympics...