the poetorialist, colin goedecke 2018

the poetorialist, colin goedecke 2018

meet a poetically multiversed creator, presenter & curator

who invites the senses,

imaginations and feelings

of readers, listeners and viewers

to open into aliveness ~ the vividness

and greater-ness of their outer

and inner worlds


through transporting experiences

involving written, spoken and visual poetry;

that flow with nurturing, centering and

inspiring energies


as a plein air poet & poetorialist,

poet laureate, and one-of-a-kind



as a cultural contributor


he brings to public and private organizations,

events, productions and publications a natively

fresh, inspiring, often missing, poetic dimension.

One that catalyzes mindfulness, heartfulness,

“wholefulness.” engages our humanity; calls

us to our best selves, our more expressive selves


original content, including thematic creations 

like the poetorials Ultramarine for The America’s

Cup and Peace-ability for the Winter Olympics

and in 2020 “A~Rising,” for the summer Olympics

in Tokyo


as he roves through evocative land-and-lifescapes,

inviting and guiding others into poetic experiences

they can find inside the "Poetisphere," a dimension of

daily living as present and abundant as the Earth’s


the poet & poetorialist en plein air

the poet & poetorialist en plein air