the freedom of flight © colin goedecke

the freedom of flight © colin goedecke


poetorials are one-of-a-kind bodies of works, that speak to a desired theme

and touch deep chords of interest, thought, feeling, connection


they're commissioned by public and private groups or all kinds,

from foundations to corporations. To achieve different goals,

larger designs, from raising consciousness to raising spirits;

creating a sense of unity, community, shared humanity; and more.

Like the Truce Foundation of the United States, and the poetorial

 "Peace-ability" for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics


and Ultramarine, for the 2017 America's Cup, Or Berliner-Luft

a love song for the City of Berlin. Or Moving Over Millennia,

for the ancient Aegean Island of Kea, in the Cyclades


it's a new concept, a rare confluence of poetic forms from a

single artist, a multiversed creator eager and able to open people

to a deeper desired sense of presence, wholeness, soulfulness